• Face in the Rain (1963)  Marina Berti
  • Face in the Rain (1963)  Marina Berti
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Face in the Rain (1963)  Marina Berti

This is a region-free DVDR without case/artwork.

English language

This wartime drama finds the American spy Rand (Rory Calhoun) sent on a secret mission to Northern Italy. He dodges goose stepping Nazis, sadistic SS troops, and pro-Nazi Italians after he parachutes from a low flying plane. Before he can contact the operative of the Italian underground, the Germans move in to change his plans. He is hidden by the wife or a language professor who has become the lover of a Nazi officer in order to maintain her husband's freedom. She is tracked down by her beastly boyfriend who would rather kill her than be accused of any impropriety from his superiors.