• Five from Barska Street   aka Piatka z ulicy Barskiej 1954
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Five from Barska Street   aka Piatka z ulicy Barskiej 1954


Disc only, no cases/art.. with English subtitles.

In war-ravaged Warsaw, five juvenile delinquents are given probation for stealing, to rehabilitate themselves, but remain under the influence of their profiteer-boss.


Aleksandra Slaska  ...              


Tadeusz Janczar     Tadeusz Janczar     ...              

Kazek Spokorny

Andrzej Kozak         Andrzej Kozak         ...              

Jacek Siwicki

Tadeusz Lomnicki   Tadeusz Lomnicki   ...              

Lutek Kozlowski

Runtime: 108 min

Subt: English

Sound Mix: Mono

Color: Color