• FLY BOYS FLY    aka I'll Never forget You 1995 WWII
  • FLY BOYS FLY    aka I'll Never forget You 1995 WWII
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FLY BOYS FLY        aka I'll Never forget You 1995 WWII


English subtitles

aka Kimi wo wasurenai

The film tells the story of the last summer of World War II. And the troop kamikaze pilots, young men preparing for his last game flight. His characters are already aware that their country had lost the war and their sacrifice will not change anything ... But this knowledge does not negate their personal courage and perseverance.


Takuya Kimura Takuya Kimura ...                       

Junichiro Ueda

Toshiaki Karasawa                     Toshiaki Karasawa                     ...                       

Captain Shinpei Mochizuki

Kunihiro Matsumura                  Kunihiro Matsumura                  ...                       

Iwao Takamatsu

Yoshihiko Hakamada                 Yoshihiko Hakamada                 ...                       

Otohiko Hayakawa

Takashi Sorimachi                      Takashi Sorimachi                      ...                       

Sota Miura