• Karavan Sarai -   aka Caravan Palace 1986
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Karavan Sarai -   aka Caravan Palace 1986


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Shortly before the end of the Civil War, in 1948, the border villages were evacuated to facilitate the movements of the National Army and the rebels. As many others Margaritis, a peasant is forced to leave his home and get down in Thessaloniki with his daughter and son. They find refuge in an old building, a Caravan Serai with hundreds of other refugees. In this area, refugees live under extremely wretched conditions and resort to all kinds of dishonesty and bargaining. Margaritis tries to remain impartial in the unspeakable dramas unfolding around him, at great psychological cost. His son becomes a laborer and stays in the city while his daughter prefers prostitution, the easiest solution. He will return to his ruined village later.