• Les Milles - Le Train de la liberté (1995)
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Les Milles - Le Train de la liberté (1995)

DVDR Regions free, no cases/artwork.

English subtitles

Set in 1940, this World War II drama is based on a true story about Charles Perrochon (Jean-Pierre Marielle - Le Sex Shop; Coup de Torchon; Les Parfum d'Yvonne) the commandant of the French internment camp 'Camp des Milles' which was opened in September 1939, in a former tile factory near the village of Les Milles, part of the commune of Aix-en-Provence, for Germans, Austrians and persons without nationality living in France. By June 1940, some 3,500 artists and intellectuals were detained there. These men (many of whom were anti-Nazi), were sent there by the French government at the start of the war but when the Germans swept across France, Commandant Perronchon faces a difficult choice, follow his orders and watch the prisoners be killed, or try to save the prisoners by disobeying them. Determined to save some of them at least, he attempts to get around 800 by train, and eventually if possible, by ship, to the safety of Casablanca, in Morocco.