• Raid on Drvar – 1963  aka Desant na Drvar  WWII
  • Raid on Drvar – 1963  aka Desant na Drvar  WWII
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Raid on Drvar – 1963  aka Desant na Drvar  WWII

aka The Seventh Enemy Offensive

With English subtitles

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Raid on Drvar known as ‘The Seventh Enemy Offensive’ or as ‘Operation Equestrian jump’ was the last attempt of the Germans and Hitler to come to the supreme headquarters of the Partisan army and destroy it along with its supreme commander Titus, which would destroy the entire partisan army. It was an ambitious attempt of the German army to the end of May 1944, the partisan forces decapitated parachute landing. After many fruitless attempts to crush Yugoslav Partisans by conventional means, German general Lothar von Rendulitz comes with a new plan. Elite paratroop force would storm Partisan HQ in Drvar and try to capture or eliminate Partisan leader Tito. In the mean time, people of Drvar, miles from enemy lines, are preparing to celebrate Tito’s birthday on May 25th 1944. Raid on Drvar is another movie called partisan action-epic genre after the film The Battle of Kozara.