• The Other Front – 1965 WWII
  • The Other Front – 1965 WWII
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The Other Front – 1965 WWII

Aka: Die andere Front

English subtitles

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Comes in plastic sleeves.

4,000 German soldiers are encircled by Soviet troops in a swamp. Their situation seems hopeless, but that doesn't stop the High Command from issuing orders for them to hold out. Heinz Barnack, a Wehrmacht lieutenant, after years of horrible experiences during the War and imprisonment in the hands of the Russians, has started to question the sense behind all of it. He decides to gather a group of German and Russian anti-fascists together and to place himself and his men at the disposal of the Soviet command to contribute to the War's end and preserve the lives of thousands of soldiers. He drives his vehicle to the frontline, where he will meet the surviving men of his former division and will try to convince them to surrender to the Reds. How will Barnack's former superiors, Colonel von Dorre and Major Reinfurt, react to his mission? Barnack is also anxious about meeting his friend Holm. Will Holm still consider him to be a friend or a traitor? First, though, he must succeed in penetrating the encirclement and getting to his former comrades.