• The Red Scarf ( Ppalgan Mahura ) 1964
  • The Red Scarf ( Ppalgan Mahura ) 1964
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The Red Scarf ( Ppalgan Mahura ) 1964

aka Balgan Mahura

The Korean War


English subtitles

During the Korean War, pilots of the 10th Fighter Wing of the South Korean Air Force fly their majestic Saber jets in daily dangerous missions against Communist North Korean targets.


In 1952, when the Korean War was in full swing, new pilots such as Lieutenant Bae Dae-bong (Choi Mu-ryong) moved into the Gangneung District of the Air Force in 1952. Under the guidance of Lieutenant Colonel Na Gwan-jung (Shin Young-gyun), the nickname of the wild pig, Lt. Bae becomes a pilot. One day, Lieutenant Bae is introduced to Ji-sun (Choi Eun-hee), the widow of Na Do-soon (Namgung-won), a colleague of my major, and feels love for Ji-sun. Major Na, who has taken care of Ji-sun after No Do-soon died, congratulates Ji-sun and Lieutenant Bae's new love. Shortly after Jisun and Lieutenant Ship get married, the pilots go on a mission that the United States has not succeeded. In this operation, Lieutenant Bae is in the same situation as Roh Do-soon's death, but is rescued. However, Major I succeeds and dies.