• Anna Karenina – 2017 Series Russo-Japanese War
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Anna Karenina – 2017 Series English Subt. Russo-Japanese War

2 DVDS  8 Episodes


English subtitles


Comes in plastic sleeves.

A large-scale adaptation of Russian classics - a multi-part film based on the great novel by Leo Nikolayevich Tolstoy "Anna Karenina"


1904 Russo-Japanese War. Manchuria. The Russian military hospital, retreating, occupies a semi-abandoned Chinese village. The head of the hospital, Sergei Karenin, learns that the wounded officer he is operating on, earl Vronsky, is the one who killed his mother, Anna Karenina, and indirectly caused the death of his father. Having no illusions and not expecting an answer, Karenin nevertheless goes to Vronsky and asks the question that has tormented him all his life: what made his mother cross the line? earl Vronsky, in turn, learns that the doctor is the same Seryozha Karenin. After some hesitation, the count agrees to tell the story of his tragic love for Anna Karenina, noting that people remember only what is convenient for them to remember...