Winter War  1. Finnish-Russian war

World War II came to the north when fighting broke out between Soviet and Finnish troops.

All Regions with English subtitles!

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The Cuckoo      aka, KUKUSHKA                                                     2002

framon FRAEMSTA LINJEN     BEYOND ENEMI LINES              2004

WINTER WAR  aka,Talvisota  

TUNTEMATON SOTILAS           The Unknown Soldier               1955

Tuntematon sotilas                  The Unknown Soldier               1985

Little Nurse      aka PIKKUSISAR

AMBUSH                                                                                             1992

RAJA 1918

TALI IHANTALA 1944                                                                       2007


Under the North Star               aka Täällä Pohjantähden alla 2009

PROMISE        aka Lupaus

The Warrior's Heart                  Norway,NO english subtitles!!!                        1992

KÄSKY     aka Tears of April                                                            2008

Silence               aka Hiljaisuus                                                         2011

Under the North Star   2          aka Täällä Pohjantähden alla  II

The Midwife                aka Helena                     with English subtitles                2015

The Road of War                       English subtitles                                                    1940

War and Peace of Mind aka Sota ja mielenrauha English subtitles                2016

The Midwife                aka Helena                     with English subtitles

The Road of War                       English subtitles

War and Peace of Mind aka Sota ja mielenrauha                    English subtitles

  The Unknown Soldier 2017  Tuntematon sotilas                    English subtitles

Stolen Death , aka Varastettu kuolema 1938                            English subtitles

The Manila Rope,  aka Manillakoysi                                            English subtitles

Laugh or Die,  aka Suomen hauskin mies 2018                        English subtitles

Commando Patrol-Sissit                                                                English subtitles!!!

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