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The White Sun of the Desert
Siberiade                                                                    2 Disc
Road to Life
Two Comrades Were Serving
October (Ten Days that Shook the World)
The Sixth
The Seventh Companion
Storm Over Asia
I Killed Rasputin
The Romanovs: an Imperial Family 
7  Rasputin, Demon to Women 
General Suvorov
Alexander Nevsky
Bread, Gold, Gun
Love one Another
Leaves From Satans Book
Sunstroke / Solnechnyy udar
Bitter Harvest
Shine, Shine, My Star
The Thirteen
Nail In The Boot
The Enchanted Desna
Scarlet Dawn
Yunost Maksima
Knight Without Armour
The Possessed
The Death of Stalin


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Aleko Dundic  -   aka Oleko Dundich 1958 On DVDR English subtitles Life and ..
Babylon XX -   aka Vavilon XX  1980 ON DVDR English subtitles The small town..
Bumbarash 1972 Civil War DVDR English subtitles No cases/art Private Bumbarash is consid..
Karot (1990) . aka Yearning On DVDR English subtitles No cases/art ragic events in Armen..
LENIN THE TRAIN  aka Il treno di Lenin (1988) March 1917. The first world war is already a c..
Little Red Devils  1923  aka Krasnye dyavolyata DVDR Silent No cases/art Adven..
Mockery (1927) aka Revolution During the Russian Revolution, a mentally challenged peasant saves ..
Nail in the Boot (1931) Lursmani cheqmashi All Regions On DVDR English subtitles No cases/a..
OFFICERS , aka Ofitsery (1971) On DVDR English subtitles Epic Soviet era masterpiece depict..
Pridel angela , aka Angel's Aisle 2008 English subtitles In a year of 1924 a commissar from So..
Red Square , aka Krasnaya ploshchad (1970) English subtitles Dramatizes, in an official Soviet..
Road to Life  1931 aka Putyovka v zhizn English subtitles DVDR No cases/art Young h..
Shine Shine My Star  aka Gori, gori, moya zvezda (1970) English subtitles The story of a ..
Shors  aka Shchors (1939) On DVDR English subtitles The year is 1919. German troops re..
The Commissar 1967 aka Kommisar English subtitles t was shot in the political climate of the p..
The Communist , aka Kommunist (1958) DVDR, Regions Free, cases, no artwork English subtitles ..
The Flight  - 1971 - aka Beg On DVDR 2 Disc/ no cases/art English subtitles The def..
The Forty-First 156  aka Sorok pervyy English subtitles An unexpected romance occurs for ..
The Gift to Stalin - Podarok Stalinu (2008) On DVDR English subtitles A Jewish child deport..
The Possessed aka Les possédés (1988) With English subtitles This story begins in 1870 at a li..