• Promise   aka Lupaus (2005)
  • Promise   aka Lupaus (2005)
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Promise   aka Lupaus (2005)

On Dvdr

English subtitles

The film tells about members of Finnish women's Lotta Service during the Second World War through the eyes of three young women.

Three young women decide to join in the war when the war comes to an end. Anna ends up in air surveillance, Mona's veterinary and Ruth field hospital. Each one of them gets a training assignment but can not fully prepare for war. None of them can even think of what the promised lotto promises to demand from them.


The Finnish Lotta Svärd organization was the world's largest volunteer-based women's defense organization. Mostly, the organization consisted of more than 240,000 women, whose many tasks included, for example, combining field and military hospital hospitals, wounded medicines and air surveillance.