• Organ  1965 WWII
  • Organ  1965 WWII
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Organ  1965 WWII

English subtitles


The Organ is a drama set in the times of the wartime Slovak State. A young Polish deserter and gifted organist finds shelter from the fascists in a Slovak Franciscan monastery. He gets into a conflict with the local organist and choir leader, a man limited in his world views and spiritual values. The collision of talent and beauty with pettiness and closed-mindedness leads to envy and ill will, which draw young Felix away from his temporary hiding place and back to the dangers of war.


Frantisek Bubik                           ...                        

Bachnák - regenschori

Alexandr Brezina                        Alexandr Brezina                        ...                        


Kamil Marek    Kamil Marek    ...