• For Those We Love  2007 WWII
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 For Those We Love, 2007 WWII

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NTSC, with English subtitles

We are told early on that the kamikaze missions were entirely suicidal, and that therefore sinking a ship wasn't half as important as dying in front of the enemy. In the same breath, "voluntary" enlistment for those missions is revealed to have been an irrevocable order. Once the demented premise established, the episodes of various young men and how they spent their last moments come and go, as simply and as mercilessly as History sent off its zero fighters. The grainy footage and detail to military mannerism and apparatus give an authentic flavor that counterbalances the poor effects and sparse, but undeniable awful (child) acting.

  Ryôhei Abe   
  Toru Emori   
  Katsutaka Furuhata   
  Cleve Gray   ...   Bloodied Sailor
  Ichirô Hashimoto   
  Masatô Ibu   ...   Vice Admiral Takijiro Onishi

Runtime: Japan: 135 min
Color: Color