• Nancy Wake   aka TRUE COLORS  (1987)  Noni Hazelhurst
  • Nancy Wake   aka TRUE COLORS  (1987)  Noni Hazelhurst
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Nancy Wake   aka TRUE COLORS (1987)

 Noni Hazelhurst,(as Nancy) John Waters.


190 Min.

 True Colors is based on a true story of the World War II hero Nancy Wake. She was awarded the George Medal on July 17, 1945 for her services to the Allied Troops in Special Operation in France during World War II and the A.C. (Companion of the Order of Australia) on February 22, 2004 for her services to wartime and Australia.
 Nancy Wake was born in New Zealand but her family moved to Australia when she was 2. She spent her childhood in Sydney and after her studies she travelled to Europe where she worked as a journalist. In 1939 Nancy married French industrialist Henri Fiocca who was killed during the War. Nancy Wake joined the French Resistance with the nickname of "The White Mouse". After having been arrested, she was realesed but left France for Spain, then England. There, she became a British special agent. On 29th April 1944, Nancy was parachuted into Auvergne (region of France) with the task of helping the resistance to prepare for the armed uprising that was due to coincide with the D-Day landings. She received several medals after the war and worked for the Intelligence Department at the British Air Ministry before coming back to Australia in the 60s after she married John Forward. An English TV movie is based on her story: Nancy Wake (1988) (TV).
 Actors: Noni Hazelhurst, (as Nancy) John Waters
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 Region: Multi-region ‘0’ (free) so will play Worldwide, including PAL
 Rated: R (Restricted)
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 Runtime: 190 minutes