• 80 HUSZAR (80 Hussars) (1978)
  • 80 HUSZAR (80 Hussars) (1978)
  • 80 HUSZAR (80 Hussars) (1978)
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80 HUSZAR (80 Hussars) (1978)

English subtitles


1848.  Europe is seething with revolutions against tyrannical rulers breaking out everywhere.  In the Austrian Empire, the emperor even abdicates the throne!  A regiment of Hungarian hussars are stationed in Galician Poland, serving out their enlistment time in the Imperial Austrian Army.  Soon, news will come that not only has a rebellion against Austrian begun in Galicia, but back in Budapest, too.  The hussars wish to return to Hungary, but their superiors in Vienna have no intention of allowing that, knowing full well that they'd fight on the side of the revolution and not maintain their loyalty to the Austrians.