• Battle Anthem  1983
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Battle Anthem  1983

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This is the story of Japans great victory in the Battle Of Tsushima Strait which devastated the Russian Fleet when Admiral Togo Crossed the  lining up the Japanese Combines Fleet so that they could utilize all their ships batteries while the Russians could only use their forward guns.

Leading up to the exciting sea battle, the film follows members of the crew including Genta, a trumpet player in the Marine Band whose music helps inspire Mikasas men to do their utmost in the battle, even after being hit by as many as 30 artillery shells from the Russian battleships. Mikasa, which was Admiral Togos flagship is now a museum at the Yokosuka Naval Base often shows this film in a small theater onboard. The title refers to the patriotic song Umi Yukaba (If I Go Away To The Sea) was sung by the Japanese military when going off to war.