• Surprise Attack aka Golpe de mano (Explosión) (1970)
  • Surprise Attack aka Golpe de mano (Explosión) (1970)
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 Surprise Attack aka Golpe de mano (Explosión) (1970)


1938 at the battlefront along the river Ebro, Spain. It is the Spanish Civil War, and this movie depicts the attack of a group of commandos whose job it is to blow up the bridge spanning the river.


Simón Andreu  ...                       

Alferez Novales

Daniel Martín   Daniel Martín   ...                       

Capitán Andújar

Rafael Hernández                      Rafael Hernández                      ...                       

Sargento Casquete

Carlos Alberto Valentino          Carlos Alberto Valentino          ...                       


Technical Specs

English dubbed

Runtime: 109 min

Sound Mix: Mono

Color: Color (Eastmancolor)