• The Battle of Kosovo aka Boj na Kosovu 1989
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The Battle of Kosovo aka Boj na Kosovu 1989


English subtitles

On June 28th 1389, at Kosovo Polje, an army of the Serbian Prince Lazar made a stand against the advancing Ottoman forces of Sultan Murad, resulting in a great battle which would later inspire Serbian folk tales and poems about courage, sacrifice, betrayal and tragedy. The movie was made for the 600th anniversary of the event.


Milos Zutic        Milos Zutic        ...                       

Lazar Hrebeljanovic

Gorica Popovic                           Gorica Popovic                           ...                       

Kneginja Milica

Vojislav Brajovic                         Vojislav Brajovic                         ...                       

Vuk Brankovic

Zarko Lausevic Zarko Lausevic ...                       

Milos Obilic

Runtime: 117 min

Sound Mix: Mono

Color: Color