• The Alien Years 1988 WWI Series
  • The Alien Years 1988 WWI Series
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The Alien Years 1988 WWI Series

On DVDR 3 Disc

Elizabeth Paterson (Longley) is the daughter of an important figure in the Australian government. She falls for and ultimately marries Stefan (Waltz), a German national. They move to South Australia to run a vineyard but their peace is disturbed by the outbreak of the First World War. The government orders that all German nationals living in Australia must be imprisoned.


Victoria Longley                         Victoria Longley                         ...                       

Elizabeth Parsons

Christoph Waltz                          Christoph Waltz                          ...                       

Stefan Mueller

John Hargreaves                        John Hargreaves                        ...                       


Jane Harders    Jane Harders    ...                       


Kim Krejus         Kim Krejus         ...                       


Tom Jennings   Tom Jennings   ...                       


Runtime: 300 min (3 parts)

Sound Mix: Stereo

Color: Color