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The Last Blitzkrieg,  Van Johnson 
on DVDR 
Only the disc. no artwork. 
Van Johnson ... Lt. Hans Von Kroner / Sgt. Leonard Richardson 
Kerwin Mathews ... Lt. Wilitz 
Dick York ... Sgt. Otto Ludwig 
Larry Storch ... Virgil Ennis 
Lise Bourdin ... Monique 
Han Bentz van den Berg ... Colonel von Ruppel 
Leon Askin ... Sgt. Steiner 
Robert Boon ... Kirsch 
Ton van Duinhoven ... Hoffner 
Gijsbert Tersteeg ... Col. Eindorf 
Charles Rosenblum ... Schwarz 
T. Bolland ... Weapons Instructor 
Jack Kelling ... Auto Instructor 
John T. Greene ... German Lieutenant 
Hans Hagemeyer ... German Lieutenant 
Pieter Goemans ... German Orderly 
Rob Assenbroek Machielsen ... (uncredited) 
Plot synopsis: 
Filmed on location in The Netherlands, this film stars Van Johnson in the atypical role of WWII German Officer Lt. Von Kroner. The son of a Nazi General, Von Kroner is called upon to lead a dangerous mission (code named “Okay Butch”) in the waning days of the War. He and several other hand-picked English-speaking German Officers are issued American uniforms with dog tags from captured US soldiers and ordered to infiltrate the Allied troops for sabotage purposes. Von Kroner does what is expected of him, though it is clear that he has become disillusioned with the "glories" of the Third Reich. When his true identity is revealed, Von Kroner decides to cast his lot with the Americans, leading a figurative "Last Blitzkrieg" against his native fellow Germans. Also present in the cast are several future TV recognizable faces: Dick York as American Sergeant Otto Ludwig, Larry Storch as fast-talking GI Virgil Ennis and Leon Askin as Nazi Officer Sgt. Steiner.