• Tokyo Rose (1946) WWII
  • Tokyo Rose (1946) WWII
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Tokyo Rose (1946) WWII


An American prisoner-of-war in Tokyo, manages to escape and hooks up with the Japanese underground. He plans to kill Tokyo Rose because one of her broadcasts led to the death of a buddy. With the help of a war correspondent, he kidnaps the turncoat disc-jockey but, while trying to reach a rendezvous spot with an American submarine, the Japanese soldiers overtake them.


Byron Barr        Byron Barr       ...                       

Pete Sherman

Osa Massen     Osa Massen     ...                       

Greta Norburg

Donald Douglas                         Donald Douglas                          ...                      

Timothy O'Brien (as Don Douglas)

Richard Loo     Richard Loo     ...                       

Colonel Suzuki