• Diggers in Blighty  1933
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Diggers in Blighty  1933

While serving in the Australian Army in France in 1918, soldiers Chic and Joe steal some rum from the quartermaster's store. They later help British intelligence pass on some false battle plans to a German spy and are rewarded with ten days' leave in England. They go to a country house in Essex and have trouble with their uncouth manners but help some upper class friends have a romance.



Pat Hanna         Pat Hanna         ...                       

Chic Williams

Joe Valli            Joe Valli            ...                       

Joe McTavish

George Moon  George Moon  ...                       

Joe Mulga

Norman French                          Norman French                          ...                       

Sir Guy Gough

John D'Arcy      John D'Arcy      ...                       

Captain Jack Fisher